Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hey There

I want you to meet my friends, Cashmere and Pepper!
Hacking my iPhone... >:(

Yeahh, Their kitties... WHAT'CHA GONNA DO BOUT' IT?!??!
Hahaa... never mind.
Anyway. Cashmere and Pepper took my phone  /(-.-)\  and made a music video to their fave song, Guardian Angel. Check it out!

So, Tell Cashmere, Pepper, and I what you think of ou-their awesome video in the comments! I WILL answer back!
Lots  of Puppy Luv,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Sorry I haven't been posting.
I would like you all to know, that I am moving this blog to another email.
LOTS of puppy luv,


Hey, Sprinkles here!
I am soo sorry I haven't been paying much attention to this blog!! 
I have just been so busy with Fetch (My Husband) and my 7-month-old puppy, Cupcake. 
I promise to have MANY more updates in the future.
I hope you will accept my apology of not paying attention. 
Lots of Puppy Love, 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Exiting News

Okay, So, I might have not have posted this yet, BUT me and Fetch the dalmation have been dating... and last night... HE PROPOSED!
Any way, So, when we get married, I'll send you some pics!!
       Lots of Puppy Luv,

Monday, August 22, 2011

How to make a Beanie Boo Bookmark

Hey Yall'! Sprinkles here! I'm going to show you how to make a Beanie Boo Bookmark. It's really easy.
(My Friend Goldie showed me how!)
Alright, all you have to do is have these:

A Computer (Which Obviously you have if your looking at this on the internet right now.)
A Printer (Oh, with colored ink, if you want it to be colorful!)
A Glue Stick ( or tape)
Sissors (Be careful, you can hurt someone. Especally your fellow beanie boo)
A book or Notebook you are currently working in. ( Everyone should have a book!)

Alright! If you all of this then you are ready to go!
 Step 1. Go to
 If this doesn't work just go to, do a search for Beanie Boos, and on the side there will be a list of all the types of Stuffed Animals. Click on Beanie Boos, and your set!

Step 2. Pick your favorite Beanie Boo. Do a regular sized one. I haven't tried the clips yet.

Step 3. Pull it onto your desktop. Click on and print 2 of em'. If you have a different way of doing that, That is fine. I do not care.  Though, I hope you picked me! Though, they thought my name was Cookie. Thats my SISTERS name. Everyone gets me mixed up with her. It's annoying.

Step 4. Cut it out! No pressure. One Wrong move and your bookmark is history. BOOOOOO!

Step 5. Glue ONLY the head. When I was only a little chain, my teacher would have a hard time telling us directions. If we did something wrong, she'd bare her lioness teeth. No, I'm just kidding. She just undlerlined things alot. If you dont want to glue just the head, you can do the entire body. I really DON'T care. I'm just trying to get this done before my neice, Little Cookie decides to burn down the refigerator. I'm babysitting her tonight. Cookie and Taffy are out on a date.

Step 6: Now, Get out your book and throw out your old bookmark (if you have one) and put it in so that the top of the head is poking out just until the eyes. (Sorry I can't use a picture, Little Cookie already distroyed my camera) So it looks like your little Beanie Boo is looking to see if the coast is clear before it can emerge. Ah. Now your throu- Oh My. Little Cookie just set my oven on fire. Gotta Go!
     Lots of Puppy Luv,

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bamboo Profile

Bamboo Profile Picture


Hi, I'm Bamboo the panda. I love to snack.

Name: Bamboo Leafy Green
Boy or Girl
Home: Jungle Street 3424 Brazil, South America
Hair: Black and White
Eyes: Green
Birthday: January 19th
Favorite Color: Green
Friends: Carrots, Stripes, Spike
Best Friend: Carrots
Likes: Bamboo, Pizza, anything basically I can eat.
Job: Bakery Girl
Quote:  " I love to crunch Bamboo when I eat, But I ate so much, I can't see my feet!"

                 Bamboo's Son, Bamboo Jr.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hello Fellow Beanie Boo lovers! If your looking for a complete Guide on Beanie Boos, you've found the right place! Get Beanie Boo Profiles, Learn How to make your very own Beanie Boo land, This is the ultimate Beanie Boo Utopia! Check Back here every day for fantabulous Posts about your favorite stuffed animal!
Lots of Puppy love,